At Risk or Challenged Credit Financing

Unique, Customized Financing Solutions for Your Individual Needs at Vision Hyundai Canandaigua

How sick are you of being turned down at lending banks, credit unions, and even dealerships in Canandaigua, Victor, Geneva, Fairport or Newark, NY? When you can’t secure the financing for the car that you want, it’s frustrating and upsetting. And we understand.

That’s why the finance team at Vision Hyundai Canandaigua works tirelessly to constantly be maintaining and creating relationships with all of our lenders–we’re on your side, and we’re here to help. From helping you to find the perfect new Hyundai Elantra, Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe, Genesis or used car to secure the right auto lease or loan for your budget, we’ll do everything we can get you behind the wheel.

But it all starts with a number. Do you know how you can bring yours up, even while paying for a vehicle? Sometimes by paying for a vehicle?

Factors that Affect Your Credit Score for an Auto Loan

  • Your Payment History: your score mostly reflects how trusted you are to pay back a loan. By taking a smaller, more modest loan (like a lease or a used car), it’s easy to create a positive payment history
  • Types of Credit in Use: believe it or not, your credit actually improves the more accounts you have open–as long as you’re paying on time, of course. So if you take out an affordable auto loan at Vision Hyundai Canandaigua, you could actually see your score go up over the term
  • Amounts Owed: obviously, owing less money looks better than owning more. But if you’re new to the credit game and have a “no credit” history, it’s better to have some type of loan than to have nothing at all, because it shows that you are responsible enough to be paying it back

Feeling confused and unsure about your credit standing? Want to learn more about building up toward that perfect 850 credit score? Or, feeling confident and ready to drive home your new car? Contact us today to get started.